Ownership Made Easy

Guided Buying & Selling

HŌM enables collaboration and real-time progress tracking throughout the entire buying and selling process with our guided intelligence.

New Home Search Experience

Our platform offers intuitive and insightful tools for your home search, including the ability to search by the monthly true cost of ownership (TCO) for properties. Our TCO includes mortgage, taxes, insurance, HOA and utilities.

Dedicated Mobile App

HŌM offers a curated experience, personalized and tailored to your home and situation.

Our in-app messaging feature enables you to communicate easily and directly, resulting in a streamlined and efficient process with fewer miscommunications and delays.

Homeowner Tools
& Resources

HŌM offers a range of resources to help you protect, maintain, improve, and leverage your home.

We help you manage your home by providing a secure digital vault for storing important documents and pictures of items in your household.


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